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·         Feed supplier truck may have spread hog cholera to Aichi Pref. farm: gov't

·         Japan sees CSF cases rise alarmingly

·         PH bans pork from Japan due to swine fever



Feed supplier truck may have spread hog cholera to Aichi Pref. farm: gov't


Japanese original by Akiko Kato, Business News Department, and Tatsuya Michinaga, Nagoya News Center, The Mainichi (Japan)

February 8, 2019


TOKYO/NAGOYA -- A single pig feed company supplied two central Japan farms hit by hog cholera outbreaks this year, the agriculture ministry and Aichi Prefectural Government said on Feb. 7.


The disease was confirmed at pig farms in Toyota and Tahara, Aichi Prefecture, on Feb. 6, following outbreaks at farms in neighboring Gifu Prefecture in late January. A farm hit by the virus in the city of Motosu, Gifu Prefecture, shared a feed supplier with one of the impacted farms in Tahara, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is investigating whether the company's truck could have spread the infection. Pig feces and other materials tainted with the virus may have stuck to the vehicle in Gifu before it headed to Aichi without being sufficiently sterilized.


Hog cholera allegedly spread on from Aichi to five other prefectures including Nagano, also in central Japan. It is crucial to figure out the connection between the Aichi and Gifu farms to identify the route of infection.


An infected wild boar was found in a mountainous area near the prefectural border between Aichi and Gifu. However, it is unlikely that the boar was the source of infection, as the animals generally keep to a 1 to 5 kilometer range. The Aichi farm is located several dozen kilometers away from the area where the infected boar was found.


National regulations require all those entering livestock farms to take preventative measures against spreading epidemic diseases, such as changing into new boots and washing vehicles. However, it is possible these precautions were not properly observed in the hog cholera cases. The agriculture ministry has said that further verification is necessary and it will investigate the outbreaks in detail.


Members of a ruling Liberal Democratic Party body for livestock safety policy raised a series of questions to agriculture ministry officials...





Japan sees CSF cases rise alarmingly


Vincent ter Beek, Pig Progress

Feb 9, 2019    


Where China is fighting with African Swine Fever (ASF), the Japanese have their own battle to fight with Classical Swine Fever. The virus has been spreading quickly in the last few weeks in Central Japan.


The virus was discovered on a farm in Gifu prefecture early September 2018. Until January, regular outbreaks were reported, but mostly they were about wild boar found in either Gifu prefecture or neighbouring Aichi prefecture. In 2018, this led to the culling of 8,704 farm pigs according to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).


There is reason to assume, however, that the development of the virus in Japan is getting increasingly worrisome. In the 1st 5 weeks of 2019, over 18,369 farm pigs had to be culled because CSF was found on a series of swine farms. On February 5, in total even 6 outbreaks on Japanese farms were reported to the OIE, with varying sizes from 600 to 6,640 pigs.


Infected pig farms with CSF in Japan


The map below indicates where pig farms in Japan have been infected on farms; the wild boar findings in Gifu and Aichi prefectures have not been included.


As can be seen on the interactive map above, the CSF outbreaks remained in an area north of Nagoya city – until late January, early February, when the virus suddenly spread out to other places within Japan. The distance between the easternmost outbreak near Osaka and the westernmost outbreak in Iida City is now 220 km. The virus has now been detected on farms in 6 prefectures.


CSF: “An extremely serious situation” ...


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PH bans pork from Japan due to swine fever


By Lilybeth Ison/PNA (Philippines) 

February 10, 2019


MANILA — The Department of Agriculture (DA) on Sunday imposed a ban on the entry of pork and other pork products from Japan due to African Swine Fever (ASF).


“At 12 noon today, I have alerted the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) through (DA) Undersecretary for Policy and Planning Segfredo Serrano, to immediately impose a ban on the entry of pork and other pork products from Japan following reports of its spread in that country,” said DA Secretary Emmanuel “Manny” Piñol on his Facebook page.


He said a written formal directive will be issued shortly which will be in effect while quarantine officials are validating the reports with the OIE or the World Animal Health Organization.


“In view of this, all quarantine officers in ports of entry all over the country are directed to implement this directive immediately,” he added.


The quarantine officers were also advised to review their Quarantine Protocols, including the foot baths installed at the Ports of Entry and the monitoring of all meat products being brought into the country by tourists.


According to a report from The Japan News, the ASF virus gene was identified in four separate cases in Japan on Jan. 12 and 16, when it was found in carry-on baggage brought from China at Chubu Airport in Aichi Prefecture and Haneda Airport in Tokyo.


The virus is believed to enter countries via international mail and foreign tourists’ carry-on baggage...