Synthetic meat no match for real thing — cattle breeders


Peter Somerville, The Weekly Times (Australia) 

February 7, 2019


STUD breeders say synthetic meat simply can’t compete with a natural product.


And many say that should fake meats take off, it would have minimal bearing on their breeding objectives in future.


Alpine Angus principal Jim Delaney said he did not think synthetic meat would change the game.


“Over time that may have an impact, but I’d like to see the industry react by saying ‘we’ve got a genuine product’,” Jim said.


“And what you see is what you get.”


“I just don’t get it,” Alpine Angus stud manager Chris Oswin said.


“If you're into clean, green, healthy living why would you want to buy meat that’s grown in a petri dish?”


Chris said retailers would promote it heavily only if it was much cheaper than meat from an animal and it had a much bigger profit margin.


He said fake meats would have little bearing on stud operations.


“In the end, it’s pretty hard in 10-20 years to totally overhaul what you produce with an animal that doesn’t breed until it’s two years old,” Chris said.


Te Mania’s Tom Gubbins labelled fake meats as the next “experimental food”, but acknowledged there was a vast marketplace for proteins and competition was inevitable.


“Personally, I’m a pretty health conscious person and I would choose a natural product over something synthesised in a lab,” Tom said.


“Isn’t it just like another margarine? We were told to eat it because it was good for us and now the science is showing that isn’t the case...