Nebraska bankers stress smart marketing, cutting expenses


By Ken Anderson, Brownfield 

February 7, 2019


Two western Nebraska bankers say they’re emphasizing the importance of smart marketing and expense reductions in meetings with farmers this winter.


Leland Poppe with Great Western Bank says crop producers need a good marketing plan.


“So when you get into the emotions of a market that looks like it’s going to take off, you’ve got the marketing plan in front of you and you follow that—and don’t really get tied into the emotions of that week,” Poppe says.


The last three years have offered windows of opportunity to lock in better prices, he says, but some producers have failed to take advantage. “If it gets to $4.15 on corn and it drops to 4.05, you think as soon as it gets back to 4.15, I’m going to sell. But it seems like it never does—and we’ve kind of had that experience that last three years now.”


Chuck Jividen with First National Bank says they continue to look at expenses...


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