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         Battle Looming on Presidentís Right to Impose Tariffs

         Bill Would Limit Presidentís Authority to Impose Tariffs



Battle Looming on Presidentís Right to Impose Tariffs



via KTIC (NE) - February 7, 2019


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable, and two other coalitions with dozens of trade associations involved are backing legislation dealing with tariffs in national security situations. Legislation before Congress would require congressional approval before the president can impose tariffs based on ďnational security.Ē President Donald Trump used that authority to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, and heís threatened to do the same thing with foreign-made vehicles and imported auto parts.


Similar bills introduced last year to limit that authority didnít make it through Congress. However, itís a little more uncertain now that the Democrats control the House of Representatives. Business groups of all varieties say that the Trump tariffs and retaliatory duties that came from our trading partners in response have hurt American businesses. They say U.S. industry, farmers, and workers have all suffered financial strain and itís time for Congress to step up and assert itself when it comes to American trade policy. Rufus Yerxa, president of the National Foreign Trade Council, says, ďThe support of such a broad cross-section of industry, agriculture, and retail groups says a lot about how harmful the steel and aluminum tariffs have been.Ē


The Bicameral Congressional Trade Authority Act was introduced...





Bill Would Limit Presidentís Authority to Impose Tariffs


Radio 570 WNAX (SD)

Feb 6, 2019


Legislation introduced in both Houses of Congress would put checks on the Presidentís authority to impose Section 232 tariffs. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, who chairs the Senate Finance Committee which oversees trade, says some of that authority needs to be checked but the measure sponsored by Senators Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Mark Warner of Virginia is too strict.


He says there are other pieces of legislation that need to be considered and a reasonable compromise worked out so Congress can get back some of that authority from the President.


Grassley says the Executive office has been grabbing some of the trade authority from Congress going back as far as the 1930s...


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