‘Sexy images’ of women make men crave red meat: study


By Rob Bailey-Millado, New York Post

February 6, 2019


Real men don’t crave cheesecake.


In fact, a new study claims that sexy images of the female form leave men hankering for beef and pork.


Researchers behind “Is Meat Sexy?,” published in the journal Food Quality and Preference, tracked more than 1,600 men and women in the US, UK and Australia to explore advertising’s impact on red-meat consumption and how that relates to mating.


When experiencing “sexual motivation,” the men tended to act out in ways that “increase their desirability” as a sex partner, say co-authors Eugene Chan and Natalina Zlatevska, marketing professors at Monash University and University of Technology in Sydney, respectively.


But they aren’t turning into carnivorous Casanovas purely out of lust for lady flesh — it’s also about signaling status, researchers say.


And few things say “I’m a powerful, hot-blooded man” like a thick, juicy porterhouse steak.


“The link between meat and status is grounded in evolutionary drivers of consumption,” Zlatevska claims. “Cavemen consumed meat in order to be strong, healthy and powerful enough to survive the harsh environment. Royalty and the nobility also consumed meat because it signified wealth.”


While evolution shaped mankind’s eating habits, Chan tells The Post, marketing is manipulating them...