Cold weather didn't stop buyers

Nebraska backgrounder Doug Ferguson starts his market intel blog this week.


Alan Newport, Beef Producer

Feb 02, 2019


Beef Producer this week starts carrying a market intelligence blog from Doug Ferguson, a stocker/backgrounder and sell-buy cattle marketer in southern Nebraska.


Ferguson is in the market every day, and buys and sells regionally at multiple barns within a few hours of his home near Beatrice, Nebraska. He is not just an observer, but a participant, and one with real marketing savvy.


We don't have his blog space properly set up on the webpage yet, but I wanted to give you the first installment from him. Watch for his blog in the future on Fridays under the title "Doug's Market Intel."


From Ferguson on Friday, Feb. 1:


How people react to things and influence the market is always fascinating. While the weather has discouraged some people recently, this week was the opposite.


Despite the sub-zero temperatures, there was great interest among buyers. Most of the runs picked up this week, providing plenty of cattle of all classes to bid on. I know most people at the auctions I attend regularly, and this week they were handing out bidder numbers on the fly to people I did not know. Internet bidding and order buyers were also very active.


Iíd call the market steady to five higher. Buyers strongly reaffirmed their desire to purchase eight-weight cattle. Last week six-weights didnít have many fans and this week that vacuum was filled. Mid five-weight cattle seemed to get the short end this week along with four-weights.


The greatest value of gain was...