Cattle put down after trucks following snowplows collide on I-15


Karl Puckett, Great Falls Tribune (MT)

Feb. 6, 2019


Five cattle had to be euthanized after two semi-trucks hauling cattle collided on Interstate 15 after losing control when they approached three plow trucks from behind.


The Montana Highway Patrol said the crash occurred in the southbound lanes at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday near the Gates of the Mountains exit.


Three Montana Department of Transportation plows were traveling side-by-side as they cleared the interstate, Trooper David Gleich said.


Three semitrailers hauling cattle, also traveling together, came up behind the plows.


Snow was blowing because of the plows, and the trucks carrying the cattle were traveling too fast for the conditions, Gleich said.


For those reasons, two of the cattle trucks collided with each other.


Four cows inside the livestock trucks had to be shot inside the trucks because of their injuries, Gleich said.


Two cows got loose from the trucks.


One of the cows broke a leg when it was being rounded up and also had to be put down.


The drivers of the vehicles were not injured.


The semitrailers involved in the crash were pushed up against the concrete median barriers, Gleich said.


One truck and one trailer were towed from the scene, he said.