91% Of Brits Are Veggie-Loving Flexitarians Now


Jemima Webber, Live Kindly

Feb 7, 2019


A huge number of Brits are moving away from animal products and toward vegan and vegetarian food. According to supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, 91 percent of people in the UK have adopted a flexitarian diet.


Flexitarianism defines someone who follows a mostly vegetarian diet but occasionally eats meat. The diet has become increasingly popular in recent years and many state that flexitarianism, like veganism, is not a fad but here to stay.


The rise in flexitarians has led to a surge in meat-free food sales; Sainsbury’s revealed it has witnessed a 65 percent increase in plant-based products year-on-year. Further, the number of people searching for vegan products online has increased by 82 percent.


In response, Sainsbury’s created a section in its meat aisle dedicated to plant-based meats. The initiative is trialling in 20 stores across the country.


Twenty-six plant-based meat products – including burgers, sausages, and mince – were relocated for the “industry-leading” change that marks the first time a UK supermarket has positioned plant-based products among its meat options, Sainsbury’s said in a press release.


Rosie Bambaji, plant-based buyer at Sainsbury’s, said in a statement, “We’re seeing increasing demand for plant-based products, and with the unstoppable rise of ‘flexitarianism’ in the UK, we are exploring further ways to make popular meat-free options more accessible.”


Bambaji continued, “We hope that this trial will make our customer’s shopping experience even more seamless.”


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