Hog moratorium proposed in Iowa

State Rep. Sharon Steckman says the proposal works to start a conversation about water quality and how it is impacted by large animal confinement operations.


By: Jon Bendickson, KIMT (MN)

Feb. 5, 2019


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legislation-stngr-3 a local representative has introduced a new bill in iowa that would put a moratorium on large animal confiments. the idea is to stop more from being build until the state can evaluate the impacts these operations have on the land and water. but as k-i-m-t news three's brian tabick is finding out-- not everyone is in favor of the idea.xxx hog moratorium legislation-lintro-2 katie amy--representa tive sharon steckman actually introduced the bill last year but it was killed off before it could get any traction. the idea is to focus on large operations from being built--smaller facilities up 1500 heads would still be allowed, but there's mixed reviews on the idea.xxx hog moratorium legislation-mpkg-1 lowerthird2line:hog moratorium proposal kimt news 3 douglas neuberger has been a farmer in cerro gordo county for the last 40 years. for 30 of those - he raised hogs. neuberger says he stopped doing it - not because of fear for the land - but says it gets harder the older you get. while he was considered an average producer for the number of hogs he had he says it would be hard to feed the world if we stopped corperate farmers from being able to expand. hog moratorium legislation-mpkg-3 there's enough of the rules and regulations right now to protect the environment and the people that live here. hog moratorium legislation-ltag-2 representative steckman says she isn't confident the bill will gain any momentum but...


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