Kellogg’s updates global policy to eliminate experiments on animals


By Gill Hyslop, Bakery and Snacks



Kellogg Company has joined a swathe of multinational food manufacturers – including General Mills and PepsiCo – to adopt new policies banning animal testing.


The breakfast cereal giant has updated its global policy to not condone, fund or conduct animal testing – something it has purportedly done for 65 years, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).


Kris Bahner, senior VP of Kellogg Global Corporate Affairs told BakeryandSnacks that the food manufacturer is largely a plant-based company.


“Approximately 95% of the ingredients in Kellogg foods have no animal products, and 99% of our foods are meatless,​” he said.


“We recently added clarity around animal testing to an existing commitment to reflect practices that have been in place for several years.​


“We had not included animal testing in the Animal Welfare Commitment prior as the frequency of testing is so rare, but understand reiterating our approach publicly is helpful to stakeholders.”​


Unless explicitly required by law


According to the company’s Responsible Sourcing – Animal Welfare Commitment​​...


PETA’s involvement


PETA has applauded the Battle Creek-based company...