New Hog Facility Aims To Also Mend Fences


By Rob Nielsen, Yankton Press & Dakotan (SD)

Feb 3, 2019


Mending fences and building understanding.


That was the goal Saturday afternoon as Jay and LeAnn Cutts welcomed the public for an open house in their newly-completed finisher swine barn facility in rural Yankton County.


Jay Cutts told the Press & Dakotan had been looking forward to this moment.


“It feels real good to be moving forward with the operation,” he said. “I’ve wanted to see how this operation’s going to work. It’ll be fun to put hogs in here and see how much they enjoy it and utilize it.”


But on Saturday, the hog barn was for people to enjoy.


Throughout the afternoon, a steady stream of guests walked through the barn where they had the opportunity to watch a ribbon cutting, have a pork tenderloin lunch, speak with the Cutts family and get to know what the barn is all about.


He said this will be one of the only opportunities that people will have to see the inside of such a facility up close.


“I wanted to allow the public to come down and ask questions and see the facility,” he said. “Once we have animals in here, we’re not allowed to bring extra people in because we don’t know what diseases could come in on their shoes.”


Cutts said the barn is a 2,400-head finishing barn where pigs will come in around 50 pounds and grow to around 290 pounds in around four months.


Cutts will be operating a total of three barns in Yankton County.


“It’s well-automated and everything,” he said. “All of the environmental controls are automated to make sure the pigs stay happy, fed well, watered well, and cool and warm.”


He added that he’s hoping to get the first shipment of hogs in the barn in the next 2-3 weeks.


Saturday was the culmination of a tumultuous process...