Farmers Beat Steady Drum Of Support For Trump


By Rhonda Brooks, Editor, Farm Journal Magazine, Editorial Director, Farm Journal Media

via AgWeb - February 5, 2019


Farmer support for President Donald Trump is holding steady to nudging slightly higher than it was a month ago, according to the latest Farm Journal Pulse.


Seventy-eight percent of the 1,043 farmers and ranchers who weighed-in on the end-of-January poll say they strongly approve or somewhat approve of the way President Trump is conducting his job. Only 20% say they disapprove of Trump’s handling of his job. Two percent were not sure.


The poll is the second in a series to track sentiment on the president’s job performance amongst farmers, ranchers and agribusiness.


Trump’s high approval rating in January is statistically no different than the 76% approval rating he received from the agriculture industry in December. However, it does reaffirm how strongly the ag community continues to support the president and his policies.


Randy Russell, The Russell Group, attributes the ag community’s continued high marks for Trump to a couple of reasons.


“The president has made controlling the border, securing the border and the ill effects of what happens when you don't control the border, a very big issue, and I think farmers and rural Americans support and agree with that,” Russell says.


“(Second), the Chinese have been stealing our intellectual property and forcing companies to transfer technology to them (for years). We're at a pivotal point in terms of those kinds of issues, and for the first time we’ve got a president who’s trying to do something about it. Farmers may not agree with every tactic he uses or with everything he says but, by God, they support what he's trying to accomplish.”


Trade efforts find traction. Reuters reports China purchased at least 1 million metric tons of soybeans from the U.S. on Friday. U.S. negotiators are expected to visit China for another round of discussions sometime in mid-February. Based on those positives, Russell anticipates farmers’ approval of Trump will only strengthen during the next few weeks.


“If progress with China goes like we think it's going to at this point, it'll be a very positive development,” Russell says...