Hay shortage prompts ranchers to sell cattle


By Estephany Escobar, KXXV Central Texas News Now

February 1st 2019




Some Central Texas ranchers are selling cattle because of hay shortage and the rising costs of hay.


At the West Auction Managing Partner Adele Uptmore said in the past two months, they have seen ranchers selling more cattle because of those reasons.


James Noack went there to sell seven calves. Next week, he plans to sell eight more.


"I don't want to have to buy more hay. Prices of hay have gone up. I have some left but a roll of hay is $100 and it's not very good quality to begin with," Noack said.


Texas Farm Bureau Associate Director, Commodity & Regulatory Activities Tracy Tomascik said this trend has been common around the state.


"Hay is in short supply and as a result of that, they are starting to liquidate and sell less productive cattle," Tomascik said.


He added other ranchers are trying to find hay outside the state.


"Finding hay is extremely difficult and when you do find it, it costs a lot of money. A lot of ranchers have reached out to neighboring states the cost-effectiveness of transporting hay, longer distances, to areas that have had some rain and were fortunate enough to bail hay in the summer of 2018," Tomascik said.


He added the hay shortage came from the summer drought...


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