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·         Plant protein sector receiving $250,000 in federal funding

·         People Really Are Buying Plant-Based Proteins 



Plant protein sector receiving $250,000 in federal funding


CTV Regina (Canada) 

February 1, 2019


The Regina area plant-protein sector will be getting $250,000 in funding from the federal government.


In an announcement on Friday, Regina-Wascana MP Ralph Goodale said the funding will be coming from Western Economic Diversification Canada.


The funding will be matched by Economic Development Regina, File Hills Qu’Appelle Economic Development and other community partners.


“In order to keep this vibrant industry strong and competitive, the Government of Canada will continue to support innovative projects and partnerships that contribute to the growth of a sustainable economy, add value to our agricultural products, and create jobs for Western Canada,” Goodale said in a press release.


The funding will go towards supporting companies, as well as attracting new business opportunities in the plant-protein sector.


Economic Development Regina said it has set a target of expanding to 16 plant-protein companies and assisting with 30 small and medium-sized companies...





People Really Are Buying Plant-Based Proteins 


By Nicholas Upton, Franchise Times



The move toward plant-based or meat-free eating can sometimes get over hyped. The halo around plant-based food can often get in the way of the small percentage of people that actually eat plant-based foods on a regular basis. And given the coastal footprint of most plant-forward brands, plant-based foods can sound like something just for food bloggers in Brooklyn or San Francisco.


But some new data shows that plant-based proteins are at least nearing an inflection point.


According to a new report from The NPD Group, shipments of plant-based proteins to foodservice operators is up by double digits last year. Shipments of plant-based protein increased by 20 percent in the 12 months prior to November 2018.


That’s some major growth, and while NPD data showed that the West Coast still showed the highest volume of deliveries, it was followed closely by the South. It’s grown so much, that NPD food industry advisor David Portalatin said plant-based foods stand on their own.


“Plant-based proteins are no longer just a meat replacement, it’s now its own category,” said Portalatin in a press release.


The most popular form was, of course, the veggie burger. Burgers are the largest plant-based foodservice category. All the talk of the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger has brought the topic of plant-based food to every foodservice nook and cranny out there.


Only about 6 percent of U.S. consumers identify as vegetarian, so the growth in this segment comes directly from the “plant-friendly” or “protein-agnostic” people that still eat meat, but strive to get more plants into their diet for reasons ranging from animal welfare to environmental concerns or simple health-consciousness.


According to market research firm Nielsen, that cohort has grown to nearly 40 percent of consumers...