Legislature considers measure to protect cattle industry from lab and plant based products


by Steve White, Nebraska.TV

Jan 10, 2019


Lincoln, NE —


A Nebraska lawmaker says she wants to protect consumers and the state's vital livestock industry, as new "plant-based meat" and "lab created" products reach store shelves.


Sen. Carol Blood of Bellevue introduced LB 14 on Thursday. It would define meat as edible portions of livestock carcasses.


"The goal of this bill is to promote truth in advertising in our state," explained Senator Blood in a press release. "Meat comes from livestock and that industry is paramount to the fiscal success of Nebraska. Nebraska's single largest industry is cattle. The multiplied impact each year is 12.1 million. Nebraska is also home to 3.1 million hogs and pigs and commercial operations can be found in nearly every county. The poultry industry also plays an important role in our economy."


Blood said her concern is with plant-based products, as well as new lab-grown alternatives. She does not think they should be labeled as meat, and her bill would make it a misdemeanor to do so.


Blood explained, that in her view meat is livestock and that means cattle, calves, sheep, swine, ratite birds, including, but not limited to, ostrich and emu, llamas, alpaca, bison, elk, goats, horses, and rabbits raised for human consumption.


Her definition would also exclude insect-based foods from the category of meat…