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·         China Approves Five Genetically Modified Crops for Import

·         Soybean researcher pleased with China decision on new traits




By Marjorie Kulba, AgDay TV, AgDay Producer

via AgWeb - Jan 9, 2019


China is approving five new genetically modified crops for import. That could mean more options for U.S. growers shipping grains overseas.


The five are:


DowDupont-DP4114 Qrome Corn and DAS-44406-6 soybean


BASF-SYHT0H2 soybean and RF3 canola


Bayer-MON 88302 canola


Reuters reports two of the approved grains have been on the waiting list for permission for six years. China has not approved any G.M. crop traits for import since July of 2017. The U.S. remains the world's biggest producer of G.M. crops.


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Soybean researcher pleased with China decision on new traits


By Larry Lee, Brownfield

January 10, 2019


A positive development for growers in this week’s U.S.-China trade talks is China’s announcement to allow more genetically-engineered soybeans into their market—including the long-awaited Enlist E3 soybeans from DowDuPont.


University of Wisconsin soybean expert Shawn Conley says allowing those additional soybean traits is good news for farmers hoping to sell those commodities. Conley says, “It’s always good in a competitive atmosphere to have more than one technology available to farmers.”


Conley tells Brownfield the ability to use these tools can help keep weeds from quickly developing resistance to one particular technology.  But, he is concerned about the availability of the product this year. “I know the companies have been ramping this up in the background, but its been sitting for so long, there might not be a huge group of availability of varieties that have the E3 trait in it, so that could, you know, push us back a year in terms of having a widespread broad adoption of using this technology.”


Also, he says...