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·         Inside Jeff Bezos' Mysterious Private World: A Dating Flow Chart, That Booming Laugh and More Billions Than Anyone Else

·         Married Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos Getting Divorce Over Fling With Movie Mogul’s Wife

·         Jeff Bezos’ texts to Lauren Sanchez reportedly include nude pics

·         Investors question Amazon's future after Bezos announces divorce

·         Jeff Bezos Divorce Draws Shrugs From Amazon Investors, But Intrigue Swirls Around Ownership Stake



Inside Jeff Bezos' Mysterious Private World: A Dating Flow Chart, That Booming Laugh and More Billions Than Anyone Else


by Natalie Finn,

Jan. 11, 2019


If there's one thing everybody knows about Jeff Bezos, it's that he's obscenely rich. He has the kind of fortune that is too mind-boggling to exist in physical dollars and cents, but rather just takes up a line on a piece of paper at the money manager's office.


Net worth: $112 billion. Congratulations. Love, your very busy money manager.


He's the richest man in the world, in fact, according to the last time Forbes counted in March 2018. (In July 2018 his fortune was up to a reported $147 million, and this week a Forbes expert estimated $136 billion, as the number rises and falls accordingly with the price of his 80 million Amazon shares.)


Even if the name Bezos hasn't been on your radar, it's extremely likely you have contributed to his ever-growing wealth as the founder of Amazon, online retail behemoth turned as close to an instant answer to your prayers that you're likely to get (especially if you're praying for shoes, dish soap and pet food to appear all at once, and you asked a woman named Alexa, who lives in a little box in your home, to make it happen).


But while Jeff Bezos is a legend in the online commerce and disrupter worlds, and a famous face as a political donor and philanthropist, a Hollywood mover and shaker, and the owner of the Washington Post (or the "Amazon Washington Post," as the president of the United States likes to smear it), he hasn't become your friendly neighborhood billionaire like Warren Buffett, the face of eradicating malaria like Bill Gates or an enigmatic man in black holding the future in the palm of his hand, like the late Steve Jobs. He's even far from the most outsize personality in the race to commercialize space travel, with Richard Branson and Elon Musk battling for that title.


So where does Bezos fit into this tapestry of unique characters and unfathomable wealth?


In his 2013 book The Everything Store, author Brad Stone calls Bezos a man who has "proved quite indifferent to the opinion of avid problem solver, a man who has a chess grandmaster's view of the competitive landscape." He is a congenial and outgoing guy with a famously big laugh ("like a cross between a mating elephant seal and a power tool," Stone writes), but prone to the same mercurial behavior associated with Jobs, friendly one minute and liable to cut a person down to size the next.


The name Amazon, as in the world's largest river, reflected Bezos' mighty ambition—and, starting with "A," would be near the top of any alphabetical company listing.


Bezos is both the face of Amazon, and someone who lets the very existence of Amazon speak for itself. For instance, he didn't even attend the groundbreaking ceremony at the company's massive Lake Union headquarters in 2009, though the mayor of Seattle and governor of Washington did.


But there's the myth and there's the man. And there's no amount of money in the world, including most of the money in the United States, that can keep people from being interested in the very human travails of a person who, most of the time, seems to be living life on an entirely separate plane than the rest of us.


Bezos, 54, and his wife of 25 years, author and philanthropist MacKenzie Bezos, announced this week that they are getting divorced. They have four children together; an estimated 400,000 acres of property; the aforementioned billions; and, according to TMZ, no prenuptial agreement.


Bit of a rookie mistake, but they married the year before he founded Amazon in the garage of their rented Seattle home, in 1994. Who knew?


And even more in the category of your average celebrity travails, it turns out Bezos already has a girlfriend, veteran TV personality and former Good Day LA co-host Lauren Sánchez—who's still married to, but is reportedly separated from, Patrick Whitesell, the co-CEO of mega-agency WME.


Whitesell and Bezos have known each other for years, and multiple reports say Whitesell introduced his wife and his friend, suggesting a film collaboration.


Sanchez is also a helicopter pilot who has her own aerial filming company, Black Ops Aviation. In a strange coincidence, Bezos survived a helicopter crash on March 6, 2003, when the pilot hit a tree while taking them in for a landing near his family's Texas ranch. The copter rolled and landed in a creek; Bezos emerged with cuts on his head but otherwise unscathed.


"People say that your life races before your eyes," he told Fast Company the next year. "This particular accident happened slowly enough that we had a few seconds to contemplate it." Bezos continued, laughing heartily, "I have to say, nothing extremely profound flashed through my head in those few seconds. My main thought was, This is such a silly way to die.


"It wasn't life-changing in any major way. I've learned a fairly tactical lesson from it, I'm afraid. The biggest takeaway is: Avoid helicopters whenever possible! They're not as reliable as fixed-wing aircraft."


Us Weekly reported Thursday that Whitesell was blindsided to find out his wife was having a relationship with Bezos. In the meantime, Bezos and Sanchez's purported sexy text exchanges have already somehow been obtained for public viewing. An attorney for Bezos told the National Enquirer, which first published the texts, that it was "widely known" that his client and MacKenzie were "long separated." A source also told Page Six, "MacKenzie knew they were dating, the news [Wednesday] was not a surprise to her. Lauren was with Jeff at the Golden Globes because they are dating."


Bezos, Sanchez and Whitesell were all spotted chatting at Amazon's Golden Globes after-party on Sunday, according to People.


"Will you guard your heart against rejection, or will you act when you fall in love?" Bezos inquired in the commencement speech he gave for Princeton's Class of 2010. "Will you play it safe, or will you be a little bit swashbuckling?"


The Bezoses' split, meanwhile, is totally amicable, according to Jeff and MacKenzie themselves...


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Married Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos Getting Divorce Over Fling With Movie Mogul’s Wife

The ENQUIRER's blockbuster exclusive of world's richest couple's break-up!


By James Robertson, Andrea Simpson & Dylan Howard, World Exclusive, National Enquirer

Jan 9, 2019


The marriage of the world’s richest couple is set to explode in all-out war — after billionaire Jeff Bezos was caught cheating on his wife of 25 years with the spouse of a Hollywood mogul!


The National ENQUIRER Opens a New Window. can reveal that for the past eight months, the hot-blooded founder of online retail giant Amazon has two-timed novelist wife MacKenzie Bezos with busty beauty Lauren Sanchez, whose husband, Patrick Whitesell, is one of Hollywood’s most powerful talent agents.


Bezos — a self-described “family man” — has been whisking his mistress off to exotic destinations on his $65 million private jet, sending her raunchy messages and erotic selfies — including one steamy picture too explicit to print here — and having secret rendezvous at palatial private estates.


During a blockbuster four-month investigation, The ENQUIRER tracked Bezos, who turns 55 on Jan. 12, and secret lover Sanchez across five states and 40,000 miles, tailed them in private jets, swanky limos, helicopter rides, romantic hikes, five-star hotel hideaways, intimate dinner dates and “quality time” in hidden love nests.


Our reporters snapped the braggadocios billionaire and his raven-haired lover, 49, doing the dirty on their spouses together no fewer than six times in 14 days.


On one occasion they even enjoyed a secret tryst at the very Boston, Mass., hotel the Bezos family stayed at when in town for Parents Day at his son’s MIT campus!


It is the real reason why Bezos, one of the world’s most powerful men, took to Twitter on Wednesday...





Jeff Bezos’ texts to Lauren Sanchez reportedly include nude pics


By Ruth Brown, Page Six

January 10, 2019


Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos sent a picture of his privates and other sleazy selfies to his mistress while cheating on his now soon-to-be-ex-wife, according to a new report.


The tech tycoon sent the close-up of his junk and several shirtless shots to TV anchor Lauren Sanchez months before the new couple says they started dating in “the fall” after separating from their respective spouses, according to the National Enquirer.


The tabloid, which didn’t publish any of the racy images, says one shirtless photo sent June 1, 2018, had a message reading:


“You know what I want? I want to get a little drunk with you tonight. Not falling down. Just a little drunk. I want to talk to you and plan with you. Listen and laugh … I basically WANT TO BE WITH YOU!!! Then I want to fall asleep with you and wake up tomorrow and read the paper with you and have coffee with you.”


In a response to the Enquirer, Bezos’ lawyer said he “supports journalistic efforts and does not intend to discourage reporting about him.”


Bezos on Wednesday announced he’s divorcing his wife of 25 years MacKenzie Bezos — right before Page Six revealed that he is now dating Sanchez, the wife of A-list Hollywood talent mogul Patrick Whitesell.


The Bezoses were spotted celebrating their wedding anniversary at a Miami nightclub in September, sources say — but...





Investors question Amazon's future after Bezos announces divorce


By David Randall, Reuters

via Nasdaq - January 10, 2019


NEW YORK, Jan 10 (Reuters) - Inc shares see-sawed on Thursday as investors questioned how the impending divorce of company founder Jeff Bezos would affect his control of the most valuable company on Wall Street and its ambitious expansion plans.


Bezos, whom Forbes lists at the world's richest person with an estimated $136.2 billion, said via Twitter on Wednesday that he and his wife of 25 years, Mackenzie, will divorce. Amazon shares were flat in midday trading on Thursday after spending most of the morning down slightly.


Most analysts and fund managers are largely sanguine and say the divorce will not lead to any significant change in the company's leadership or its growth prospects.


Prominent short-seller Doug Kass, however, who runs hedge fund Seabreeze Partners, said he sold his stake in Amazon on news of the divorce. That was after initially buying a stake in late December and naming Amazon among his "best ideas list."


"Is it premature to ask what happens to Amazon when Jeff Bezos chooses to turn over the day-to-day running of the company he founded?" he said. "His announced divorce gives me pause for thought."


Robert Bacarella, portfolio manager of the Monetta fund, said that while he is not changing his investment in Amazon, he expects other growth-focused portfolio managers may trim their stakes due to concerns about the divorce's impact.


"This is such an over-owned company and this gives them an excuse to say 'Maybe I'll trim some back because it adds a new question mark'," he said.


Bacarella, however, said he is not concerned because even if MacKenzie Bezos liquidated her expected 8 percent stake, there would be no fundamental reason behind the sale. Any impact would be short-term in nature...





Jeff Bezos Divorce Draws Shrugs From Amazon Investors, But Intrigue Swirls Around Ownership Stake


by Dade Hayes, Deadling | Hollywood

January 10, 2019


After Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos announced their plans to divorce after 25 years of marriage, Amazon investors have reacted with a shrug, with the company’s stock price essentially flat in mid-day trading today.


Even so, the news puts the fortune of the world’s richest man and the ownership structure of an era-defining, global powerhouse in a state of flux.


The Bezoses tweeted Wednesday that after “a long period of loving exploration and trial separation, we have decided to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends.” (See their full statement below.) They have yet to file any official paperwork with the courts, confirming expectations that they will seek to handle the matter privately so as to avoid attracting unwanted attention to the company.


President Donald Trump, who has frequently attacked Bezos and Amazon while in office, was asked by reporters about the divorce today. “Well, I wish him luck. I wish him luck,” Trump said. “It’s going to be a beauty.”


The announcement comes amid numerous reports by outlets including People, the New York Post and Entertainment Tonight that Jeff Bezos is dating Lauren Sanchez. The wife of Patrick Whitesell, executive chairman of WME-IMG holding company Endeavor, Sanchez is a former anchor of Good Day L.A. on KTLA Channel 5.


It is unclear how much of an Amazon corporate matter the split could become, especially for a company that recently became the world’s most valuable as measured by stock price. Previous divorces involving high-net-worth figures have ended up having a material impact, including those of Elaine Wynn and casino magnate Steve Wynn, and former Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and his ex-wife, Jamie. And of course Hollywood is rife with tales of studio moguls and top-tier stars brought low by marriage breakups, though all of the above occupied a much lower financial bracket than that of Amazon’s first couple.


The net worth of Jeff Bezos has been estimated at $137 billion. Washington state, where the couple plans to divorce, has so-called “50-50” divorce laws, meaning couples generally divide their assets evenly. Should MacKenzie Bezos wind up with half of the total fortune, she would instantly become the world’s richest woman.


Most of the $137 billion derives from Jeff Bezos’ 16% ownership stake in Amazon. He drafted the company’s original business plan on a laptop while driving cross-country in the early 1990s to Seattle with MacKenzie Bezos at the wheel. The couple originally met as colleagues at New York hedge fund D.E. Shaw. She also worked at Amazon in its early days before focusing on raising their four children, who are all now in their teens, and then writing two novels...


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