Impose total ban on pork from China


Shane Ng, Forum, The Straits Times (Singapore) 

Jan 10, 2019


I read with some concern how China has confirmed about 100 cases of African swine fever across 23 provinces since August last year, and culled hundreds of thousands of pigs (AVA suspends pork import from areas in China with African swine fever outbreaks; Jan 4).


Despite this, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore has imposed only a partial ban on the import of pork and pork products, limiting the ban to areas in China with African swine fever outbreaks.


Would it not be wiser to impose a more comprehensive ban?


There is no guarantee that every case of African swine fever will be reported to the Chinese authorities.


Even if every case was reported, there would still be a delay between the start of a fresh outbreak and the eventual suspension of pork imports from the newly affected area.


During this window, infected pork products might make their way into Singapore...