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         EU pig prices: Quotations unchanged at start of the year

         Heavy pigs weighing on prices



EU pig prices: Quotations unchanged at start of the year


The Pig Site

10 January 2019


EU - This week, the European slaughter pig market appears to remain well-supplied. Compared to last week, the basic market situation has not seen much change


Within various EU member countries, the backlog of supply - which had appeared on live animal markets over the festive season - continues to be sold in a gradual manner. However, this has not been done so far by all accounts. Hence, the quantities of slaughter pigs are still exceeding demand across borders.


From Austria, it has been reported that the backlog supply is falling below quantities that had been feared might arise. According to a report by a market participant, sufficient quantities of live pigs are available in France, where the year usually starts with various campaigns in retail trade.


While most of the other EU member countries' quotations remain unchanged, the French quotation has dropped slightly. Spanish pork exports are being watched over because of the supply situation wherein  stimulating impulses are being anticipated.


As regards the Danish quotation, the optimum range of slaughter weights have increased. As a result, meat processing giant Danish Crown is trying to prepare for supply pressure possibly resulting from the missing days of slaughter over Christmas.


Some optimism is expected to emerge in Great Britain, where the quotation went up slightly.


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Heavy pigs weighing on prices


As reported by Bethan Wilkins, AHDB Pork Analyst

via The Pig Site - 10 January 2019


UK - The EU-spec SPP dipped further to 140.02p/kg for the week ended 5 January


This was down around half a penny from a week earlier, when the price stood at 140.60p/kg following a sharp fall of over a penny in the Christmas week. A slowdown in the pig market is typical in the post-Christmas period.


The estimated weekly throughput totalled 137,800, virtually on par with the same week a year ago. Slaughterings during the Christmas week are estimated as slightly higher than 2017 levels, at 104,900 head (+1 percent).


During the past two weeks SPP carcase weights have also picked up, averaging 85.65kg in the Christmas week (the highest weight on record) and falling back just 100g in the latest week. In addition, probe measurements have also increased and averaged 11.4mm then 11.3mm in the latest two weeks.


Fatter, heavier pigs are the result of delayed slaughterings due to the Christmas holidays. A higher number of pigs outside of normal contract specification will have also contributed to the drop in the average price...


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