Canadian meat producer expands product line with organic bacon


By Ashley Williams, GlobalMeatNews



Family-owned Canadian meat firm North Country Smokehouse has claimed to have brought “one of Canada’s only certified organic bacon” to market.


Available at Whole Foods Market in New England for CA$6.99, the Organic Applewood Smoked Uncured Canadian Bacon is part of the company’s plans to expand its line of organic, certified humane products.


The company said the product is cut from the leanest section of a pork loin and is hand-trimmed by North Country’s butchers. Following this, the medallions are marinated in a brine made from pure maple syrup and premium spices, as well as double smoked.


The Applewood Smoked Uncured Canadian Bacon line is also free of nitrates, nitrites, growth hormones and antibiotics.


North Country Smokehouse said its latest product is “unlike anything else on the market​”...