Michigan alliance earmarks $2.6m for animal ag research

Funded research and outreach activities will directly benefit animal agriculture industries.


Source: Michigan State University

via Feedstuffs - Jan 09, 2019


The Michigan Alliance for Animal Agriculture (M-AAA) will invest $2.6 million in 2019 to support research and outreach that directly benefits the animal agriculture industries, according to an announcement from Michigan State University.


The initiative’s primary goals are to address short- and long-term critical industry priorities linked to sustainability, including managing antibiotic resistance, curbing infectious diseases, improving animal welfare and boosting environmental stewardship, the announcement said.


“I’m proud that, as we enter the fifth year of M-AAA, we’ve been able to collaborate successfully with the animal agriculture industries and the state of Michigan to offer timely, valuable information and potential solutions to critical issues,” said George Smith, associate director of Michigan State University AgBioResearch and associate dean for research in the university's College of Agriculture & Natural Resources. “On behalf of the M-AAA leadership team, I want to thank the state of Michigan for its third consecutive year of financial support for M-AAA and the commodity organizations for their continued commitment to the program.”


Michigan State said 20 projects were chosen for funding in 2019. Grants are awarded in one of three categories: research, extension or seed funding.


“We really value the ability to help direct university research toward issues that are affecting farmers today,” said Mary Kelpinski, chief executive officer of the Michigan Pork Producers Assn. “Serving as one of the reviewers allows me the opportunity to make sure the funded research proposals are benefiting today’s farming needs and future challenges. Farming has changed over the years, and we need to continue to find ways to raise more food in a safer, more sustainable manner to feed our growing populations.”


Among the funded projects are: