Spain continues to produce, export more pork


As reported by Rebecca Oborne, AHDB Pork Analyst

via The Pig Site - 09 January 2019


SPAIN - Throughout 2018 there has been strong growth in pig meat production in Spain, according to data from Eurostat


Production now stands 6 percent (190,000 tonnes) above year earlier levels in the year-to September, at 3.3 million tonnes.


Across the EU overall, total pig meat production is up 2 percent (410,000 tonnes) at 17.7 million tonnes.


There have been some changes in dynamic within the EU market this past year, with production in Germany declining sharply (-97,000 tonnes) while the Netherlands, Poland and Romania have all also recorded strong growth.


This rise in production has been reflected in fresh/frozen pork export volumes. Shipments have recorded an increase of almost 8 percent year-on-year in the year-to October, according to data from Agencia Tributaria.


Shipments to France reflect the trends in the past few years have very slightly eased, however, a rise in exports destined for...