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·         IA: Neighbors continue to push to veto Story County hog farm

·         OR: Pig farm neighbors make their case



Neighbors continue to push to veto Story County hog farm


By: Jacob Peklo, WOI-DT Local 5 & KCWI 23-HD/ (IA)

Jan 08, 2019


STORY COUNTY - The massive hog confinement was first introduced back in early December when Long View Pork LLC. applied for permits to build three hog confinements in the county, and they have now been approved.


Residents in the area are not happy after hearing the news. Kimberly Stephens, a Nevada resident said, "There's a perception that there's a silent majority that supports this but we need to show that there's a vocal majority that's against it."


Locals are hoping to sway the Story County Board of Supervisors to change their minds and appeal to the Environmental Protection Council. Residents are hoping to break an Iowa trend, where an appeal like this has not worked in more than a decade.


The big decision has already been made, as two County Supervisors already voted in favor...





Pig farm neighbors make their case


By Caitlin Fowlkes, Ashland Daily Tidings (OR)

January 07, 2019


A hog and poultry processing farm just south of Ashland can continue operations at least through mid-February, since it will take that long to decide whether neighbors opposing its operation will prevail in their appeal of the county’s approval of Uproots Meats’ facilities.


Most of more than a dozen speaking at an appeals hearing before the county hearings officer Monday in Medford testified against the farm above Weisinger Winery on Siskiyou Boulevard.


Appellant and neighbor Denise Krause is a retired professor of public health and epidemiology. She claimed Uproot Meats has placed their business in a terrible position uphill from neighboring farms and the Talent Irrigation District (TID) water canal, and has already caused extensive damage to the environment and neighboring farms. She formed the organization, the “Don’t Uproot Ashland! Committee” in opposition to the farm.


Many audience members at the appeal sported large, white “Don’t Uproot Ashland!” stickers.


“We all have a right to farm, but we don’t have a right to harm,” Krause said. “We don’t want to put someone out of business, but when what they’re trying to do hurts everyone around them, we have to do something about it.”


Jackson County Development Services tentatively approved the farm’s expansion application to a commercial facility Nov. 27.


Uproot Meats is at 3152 Siskiyou Blvd., on a steep hillside. This hillside weathered a fire in 2009 and is now vulnerable to erosion, Krause said. The hillside was also excavated to make room for a cannabis grow a few years back, which has since been abandoned.


Various farms, homes, waterways and wineries are all downhill from the farm. Many neighbors are concerned the farm is...