Swine flu OUTBREAK: Warning as four DIE from killer infection in UK symptoms revealed

A HEALTH warning has been issued after four people are believed to have died after contracting swine flu in Ireland.

By Charlotte Ikonen, Daily Star (UK)

8th January 2019

The killer H1N1 virus is plaguing the UK and HSE officials warned the numbers are set to rise in the coming days as children return to school, colleges reopen and people return to work after the Christmas break.


Its crippling symptoms include a sudden fever, tiredness, aching muscles, headaches and joint pain.


And in more severe cases symptoms can escalate leading to more serious conditions such as pneumonia.


Those under 65 are at high risk with pregnant women and anyone with pre-existing diseases in particular danger.

Included in those taken to intensive care this year so far are people aged in their 20s, 30s and 40s and anyone experiencing symptoms have been advised not to visit the elderly...