Cattle missing from Augusta County farm


By Matthew Fultz, WHSV-TV3 (VA)

Jan 05, 2019


AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) A cattle farmer expects to suffer a financial blow after he says nearly a dozen of his cows recently vanished.

David Surratt, who raises Angus cattle on a farm off of Long Meadow Road, received an unpleasant surprise when conducting a bi-weekly headcount the day after Christmas.


"I couldn't hardly belive it," he said. "We went back and we must've counted them eight or ten times."


The number of cattle on his farm shrunk from 81 to 71.


The 71-year-old believes somebody stole the missing ten cows.


"We went to every farm close to us at all to see if any cattle had escaped or fences were bad and they got out. But we can not find them anywhere," said Surratt. "Our only conclusion is somebody backed up through the double gates, put a trailer there and apparently loaded ten cattle up," he added.


The farmer said this was...


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