Aldi releases high-protein vegan quarter-pounder burgers

Aldi has launched a brand new vegan quarter-pounder made using all-British ingredients that it claims looks and tastes just like a meat burger!


Vegan Food & Living

Jan 8, 2019


Aldi UK has just become the first supermarket in the UK to launch a plant-based burger using all British ingredients. The budget supermarket has spent the last 12 months perfecting a delicious recipe to capture a distinct smoky umami flavour that is as satisfying as it is delicious.


The new Meat Free Butcher Quarter Pounders, which are made from soya protein are made to look, taste and even bleed just like a regular burger, due to the inclusion of natural beetroot within the patties.


Not only are they 100% meat-free and an excellent source of protein, but also incredible value, priced at just 2.49 for a pack of two burgers over 75% cheaper than other supermarket alternatives.


The introduction of the new burgers comes at a time when a third of red meat eaters are looking to reduce or limit their meat intake to maintain a healthier lifestyle. The Meat Free Butcher Quarter Pounders are designed to replicate...