Neighbors voice concern about Ashland poultry & pork farm


by Jennevieve Fong, KTVL (OR) 

January 7th 2019


JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. — In addition to raising pigs and chickens, Uproot Meats is also raising a lot of controversy. The Jackson County auditorium was full of both supporters and opposition to the farm, as both sides made their arguments to county officials Monday afternoon.


Among the discussion, ground run off, waste management and air quality are all concerns voiced against the small-scale farm in Ashland.


As a poultry and pork farm, the owners are looking to extend operations as a chicken-slaughtering and meat processing facility.


"We love chickens and pigs, just their personalities and their relationship together were such an asset and a value," Co-owner Krista Vegter said. "It worked for us and it surely worked for our customers."


However, neighbors and others against the farm are requesting the county to deny their application for expansion.


"They wanted to be heard," Denise Krause, who is leading the opposition, said. "They needed to be heard. Everybody thinks 'Well, it's a small business ,let them do what they want' but what they haven't really realized is the impact."


The opposing side has even come up with their own name "Don't Uproot Ashland." The campaign has raised about $3,800 to fund legal fees.


"The problem in this case is really poor choice of site and location, where it just can't really be done safely without compromising public health and safety and welfare," Krause said.


Vegter said she understands their concerns, but...


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