Forsyth packing plant soon to produce organic beef


by Tiffany Thompson, WGXA (GA)

January 7th 2019


FORSYTH, Ga. -- So far, beef at the Rocking Chair Ranch Cattle in Forsyth is USDA approved all natural.


It's hormone free, which means it isn't tainted with steroids, hormones or antibiotics. But the beef is also grass-fed and finished.


This means it's higher in omega-3s because the cows live off grass their whole lives, which farmers say make it all natural.


However, soon, it will also be given the title of organic.


"As a little bitty boy it was always my dream to have my own farm and raise my own cattle," Joseph Egloff of the Forsyth ranch says.


Now, Egloff is on his way to having the first USDA or TA inspected animal welfare approved and organically certified packing house in Georgia. He says this means when you buy your meat, you'll know where it's coming from.


"The people buying our product will know that it's safe and been handled properly for consumption," Egloff said.


Egloff says this plant means the product will go straight from the local farmer to the consumer.


Macon restaurant owner Natasha Phillips says for her, this knowledge is essential.


"Knowing where our beef is and that they are fed locally," she says, "I think with allergies and everything that people have, it's just gotten more and more important for us."


Egloff says the extra title of being animal welfare-approved means he is doing what's best for his herd.


"The animal welfare approved organization that we participate in is simply because it's the right thing to do," he said. "More and more people are interested in how the livestock is treated. If they are going to eat meat, they want to know it's humanely processed and handled."


To get this qualification, an inspector...


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