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·         ASF Preparedness Heightens With Disease in Commercial Operations in China

… hasn’t shown up yet in the United States…


·         Michigan’s pork industry preparing for ASF

·         ASF may delay PH plans to export more pork products – Piñol



ASF Preparedness Heightens With Disease in Commercial Operations in China


Radio 570 WNAX (SD)

Jan 7, 2019


Last week African Swine Fever was detected in a 73,000 head swine facility in China. So far, more than 90 cases have been reported since last August. That’s raising concern about the possible spread of the disease, which hasn’t shown up yet in the United States. Nebraska Pork Producers Association Executive Director Al Juhnke says it’s the first time it showed up in a larger swine operation in China despite having good biosecurity measures in place.


He’s says the Chinese are having problems controlling ASF which means the disease is likely to move. So, U.S. pork producers need to be ready and put preventative steps in place.


Juhnke says another concern is that ASF has been carried in feral pigs in China. So, the wild population in Texas, Southern Missouri and Oklahoma need to be closely watched...


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Michigan’s pork industry preparing for ASF


By Nicole Heslip, Brownfield

January 7, 2019


Michigan’s pork industry is stepping up biosecurity protocols to better protect against African Swine Fever and other threats.


Dale Rozeboom with Michigan State University tells Brownfield while the disease is not in the U.S., there are areas farmers can take biosecurity up a notch.


“The spread is happening by people, by live animal movement, and by the spread of food.” 


He recommends farms evaluate how food for staff is handled on facilities, where visitors have been and what breeding stock is being used.


Rozeboom says if ASF was to be found in the U.S., it could immediately shut down exports and have catastrophic economic impacts throughout the food and ag supply chain.


“The long-term goal is to keep the rest of the industry protected and in business when we may have a herd or two that become infected.”      


Michigan pork producers are...


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ASF may delay PH plans to export more pork products – Piñol


By Madelaine B. Miraflor, Manila Bulletin (Philippines) 

January 7, 2019


The possible entry of African Swine Fever (ASF) may hamper the country’s plan to export more pork products overseas, especially now that agriculture trade negotiations may soon take place between Philippines and Singapore.


Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol said that livestock is one of the most “robust” sub-sectors within the agriculture sector right now and the government is banking on it to drive the country’s overall export receipts.


Based on a data from Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI), the country’s local hog industry can raise 28 million heads every year with a combined value of around P240 billion.


Piñol said this amount is more than enough to cater to local demand for pork. To keep it that way, he said the country must “guards its status as a hog disease-free.”


“ASF could be devastating to the hog industry of the country, especially now that we are hoping to resume our negotiations with Singapore for [the export of] our pork products. In fact, the AVA [Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority] of Singapore is supposed to come here to inspect if we are at risk of getting ASF,” Piñol told reporters on Monday.


The Department of Agriculture (DA) earlier appealed to local producers and consumers to buy pork-based products produced by local farmers instead of importing.


This was amid the growing threat of ASF, a disease that have already killed thousands of pigs in at least eight countries, including China, which has the largest hog population in the world.


“This will be the first time I will make this appeal to Filipino consumers...