Pig production demand steady in early 2019


By Simon King, Pig World (UK)

January 7, 2019


This week’s Pig Marketing Summary from Thames Valley Cambac reported that the first full week of the New Year is always a catch-up week, and this year proved no exception.


Demand was steady with some processors cutting kills, while others kept to strict contract numbers. There was an improvement in supply from many producers, eating into the backlog caused by Christmas. Contract price contributions eased a penny, and there was a large fall in the SPP. It looks like this fall has been magnified by a small sample size of bigger, fatter pigs, so it will be interesting to see if the SPP announced next week shows a reverse.


The fresh meat market was quieter, with many wholesalers keeping intakes tight, and prices generally eased a penny. The cull sow market saw healthy volumes entered and prices stood on. In Europe, all quoted countries stood on, but prices eased in sterling terms, as the Euro weakened slightly to end the week down 0.22p at 89.99p.


The Weaner Marketing Summary...


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