Pork supply assured for CNY


By Grace Chen, The Star Online (Malaysia)

5 Jan 2019


KUALA LANGAT: The African swine fever (ASF) outbreak which resulted in the government banning the import of all live, frozen and processed pig products from China will not affect supply during Chinese New Year, says Sim Tze Tzin (pic).


The Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister said there was also no reason for retailers to raise prices as ex-farm prices have been dropping.


“In November last year, pork price was at RM7.20 per kg but as of now, it has gone down to RM6.


“The falling ex-farm prices is an indication that supply is enough to meet demand.


“In terms of our pork industry, we are 93% self-sustainable. We are also importing from Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Holland, Thailand, Vietnam and Spain,” he said during a press conference after a dialogue with members of Kuala Langat Pig Farmers Association yesterday.


Sim assured consumers there would be no shortage of products like waxed pork belly and Chinese sausages, both of which are favourite staples during the festive season.


“This is a good time for the pork industry to work on downstream products instead of just selling the livestock.


“Pig farming is a huge industry worth about RM2.7bil.


“This does not include downstream activities like job opportunities, transport, logistics and processed products,” he said, adding that in total, the industry could hit RM5bil.


During the dialogue, Sim was told that farmers from Selangor were not allowed to sell their pigs in Johor due to quota issues.


“The best practice is to allow free trade. Then, everyone will benefit,” said Sim.


On the issue of environmental pollution caused by farm effluents, he said the state Ruler has in the past, expressed his unhappiness over the matter.


“In principle, the Selangor government has agreed on modern practices, which used a closed method with zero discharge,” he said.


Sim added that they would review the Cabinet papers on modern pig farming.


“We cannot be too strict because the farmers may not be able to meet the conditions.


“There will be further dialogues with farmers for a win-win situation so that they can continue to carry on with their business,” he said.


Veterinary Services Department director-general Datuk Dr Quaza Nizamuddin Hassan Nizam, who was also present, said pig farmers should be mindful of biosecurity issues to prevent an outbreak of ASF from happening in Malaysia.


Dr Quaza reminded farmers of the devastating consequences...