Farmers hit back against ‘misleading’ Veganuary claims


Source: NFU Cymru

Philip Case, Farmers Weekly (UK) - 06 January 2019


The farming industry is fighting back against “misleading” claims from vegans in the Veganuary campaign – by reminding the public about the benefits of meat and dairy in a balanced diet.


The National Sheep Association (NSA) said livestock producers found themselves in January arguing against a “torrent of false claims” of crimes against animal welfare, the environment and human health.


A Channel 4 documentary, Dispatches: The Truth About Vegans, which aired on Wednesday night (2 January) sparked an angry reaction from farmers. The programme featured calls for livestock farms to be burned “to the ground”.


The programme also featured comments from a vegan activist, Cath Kendall, who likened eating lamb to eating a human baby. 


The NSA said the media were quick to promote these false claims as part of the Veganuary campaign, which aims to attract people to abstain from meat and dairy products for the month.


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