CPTPP concerns Japanese meat buyers


By Ken Anderson, Brownfield 

January 6, 2019


An Iowa cattle producer who recently returned from a trade mission to Japan says Japanese meat buyers were very concerned about the impact of the CPTPP trade agreement, which does not include the U.S.


“That was the number one priority that the Japanese meat buyers asked up to bring home,” says Tamara Heim of Logan, Iowa. She says the Japanese buyers prefer U.S. beef. But because the CPTPP agreement lowers tariffs on beef from other countries, particularly Australia, it puts U.S. beef at a disadvantage.


“In my role on the Iowa Beef Council, I promote beef and don’t really get into the politics,” Heim says. “But the main concern I have as a beef producers is that my product, even though it is better, will be out-priced—because consumers do have a price level at which they have a break.”


CPTPP went into effect...


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