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·         Cash Weaner Pig Prices Average $65.00, Down $1.67 Last Week

Looking at hog sales in July 2019 using July 2019 futures the weaner breakeven was $67.22, down $0.66 for the week…


·         National Direct Delivered Feeder Pig Report: Week Ending Jan 04

Weekly Summary of prices on a delivered farm to farm basis.



Cash Weaner Pig Prices Average $65.00, Down $1.67 Last Week


Jennifer Brown, NutriQuest

via FarmJournal's Pork - January 4, 2019


Looking at hog sales in July 2019 using July 2019 futures the weaner breakeven was $67.22, down $0.66 for the week. Feed costs were up $0.95 per head. July futures increased $0.15 compared to last week’s July futures used for the crush and historical basis is the same as last week. Breakeven prices are based on closing futures prices on Jan. 4, 2019. The breakeven price is the estimated maximum you could pay for a weaner pig and breakeven when selling the finished hog.


Note that the weaner pig profitability calculations provide weekly insight into the relative value of pigs based on assumptions that may not be reflective of your individual situation. In addition, these calculations do not consider market supply and demand dynamics for weaner pigs and space availability.


From the National Direct Delivered Feeder Pig Report


Cash-traded weaner pig volume was below average this week with 31,704 head being reported which is 88% of the 52-week average. Cash prices were $65.00, down $1.67 from a week ago. The low to high range was $52.00 - $73.00. Formula-priced weaners were down $2.08 this week at $47.15.


Cash-traded feeder pig reported volume was above average with 15,509 head reported. Cash feeder pig reported prices were $72.57, up $2.15 per head from last week...


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Des Moines, IA   Fri Jan 04,2019   USDA-Iowa Dept of Ag Market News


National Direct Delivered Feeder Pig Report: Week Ending Jan 04

Weekly Summary of prices on a delivered farm to farm basis.


RECEIPTS THIS WEEK: 88,817    LAST WEEK: 126,023     LAST YEAR: 70,163




Colorado 13.5%,       Iowa 11.0%,           Illinois 10.6%,

Missouri 9.5%,        Minnesota 8.4%,       Manitoba 8.3%,

Saskatchewan 6.8%,    Michigan 6.2%,        Indiana 6.0%,

Oklahoma 4.6%,        Nebraska 3.5%,        Alabama 2.5%,

Alberta 2.3%,         Ohio 2.0%,            Montana 1.8%,

Georgia 1.2%,         Ontario 1.1%,         South Dakota 0.6%,



Iowa 69.8%,           Illinois 6.6%,        Ohio 5.6%,

Nebraska 5.4%,        Minnesota 5.2%,       Michigan 2.7%,

Indiana 2.6%,         Alabama 1.2%,         South Dakota 0.7%,


TRENDS COMPARED TO LAST WEEK:  Early weaned pigs 2.00 per head lower.

All feeder pigs 2.00 per head higher.  Demand moderate for moderate

offerings.  Receipts include 47% formulated prices.


All Prices Quoted on Per Head Basis With An Estimated Lean Value of 50-54%

                       Formula   Formula            Cash     Cash

Lot Size        Head    Range    Wtd Avg    Head    Range  Wtd Avg


EARLY WEANED Pigs 10-12 Pounds Basis:

600 or less                                 350  52.00-52.00    52.00

600 - 1200       7401 42.02-51.43  46.60   9799  56.00-73.00    62.10

1200 or more    34203 37.00-67.67  47.27  21555  61.00-73.00    66.53

Total Composite 41604 37.00-67.67  47.15  31704  52.00-73.00    65.00


FEEDER Pigs 40 Pounds Basis:

600 or less                                1984  68.00-80.00    71.93

600 - 1200                                 5125  65.00-72.00    67.63

1200 or more                               8400  69.00-79.00    75.74

Total Composite                           15509  65.00-80.00    72.57


Total Composite Weighted Average Receipts and Price (Formula and Cash):

          All Early Weaned Pigs:     73308 at 54.87

          All 40 Pound Feeder Pigs:  15509 at 72.57



NOTE: Prices are quoted on a per head basis delivered to the buyers farm.

These prices include freight and fees on a farm to farm basis.  Most lots of

40-60 weight pigs have a sliding value from the negotiated weight basis which

is calculated on the actual average weight of the load plus or minus .25-.40

per pound.  Some early weaned lots have a slide of .50-1.00 per pound.  Early

weaned pigs are under 21 days old.  Estimated lean value is projected to use

slaughter weights with normal confinement feeding conditions.  Vaccination

and health program values are not included but health status should be



Source: USDA Market News Service, Des Moines, IA

        Bruce Thomas  515-284-4460

        24 Hour recorded market information 515-284-4830


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