Buyer beware: farm sex


Alanna Kelly, Castanet (Canada)

Jan 3, 2019


A sign posted on an East Kelowna farm fence is causing tension between neighbours and has resulted in bylaw officers stepping in.


City of Kelowna bylaw staff received complaints about the sign, which was posted a few weeks ago. It reads: “This property is a farm, farms have animals, animals make funny sounds, smell bad, have sex outdoors.”


Property owner Clayton Ivan said he posted the sign because he wants his future neighbours to understand what comes with living next to a farm operation.


“If you can’t handle the smell, the noise and the outdoor sex, you shouldn’t buy beside a farm,” said Ivan.


Bylaw services manager David Gazely says staff have investigated the complaints.


“We are still investigating in terms of finding co-operation between the two,” said Gazely. “I feel for both of them.”


Neighbours living next door say they have had difficulty selling their property because of the signs.


Gazely says they asked the owner to remove "offensive language" on the sign by blacking out the word sex, and he complied.


“The sign adds more of an awareness for anyone buying near his property. He is saying if you are going to buy near my property, it is a working farm,” said Gazely.


Ivan says...


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