Animal welfare activists ‘appalled’ as slaughterhouses fail to install CCTV despite deadline

Exclusive: ‘These business are now operating illegally and need to comply or cease operation,’ Compassion in World Farming says


Tom Embury-Dennis, The Indepdendent (UK)

Dec 5, 2018


Animal welfare activists say they are “appalled” after it emerged there are slaughterhouses without CCTV, despite a deadline for their installation having passed last month.


The Food Standards Agency (FSA) told The Independent seven per cent of abattoirs in England still had “no CCTV system in place” and an unconfirmed number “were in the process of complying” following the 5 November cut-off.


England and Wales had 278 slaughterhouses in 2016, the latest year for which figures are available, suggesting dozens could be falling foul of the legislation.


The FSA and the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) refused to say how many had “fully complied” in time for the deadline.


When contacted by The Independent, a Defra spokesperson said figures relating to how many slaughterhouses were failing to fully comply were “not publicly available”.


The law change was introduced this year by environment secretary Michael Gove, in an attempt to clamp down on animal mistreatment following disturbing online videos showing slaughterhouse staff abusing animals.


In 2016, footage obtained by The Independent showed the dirty and cramped conditions endured by hens on battery farms that supply major UK supermarkets.


Asked if action would be taken against abbatoirs that were not in compliance with the law, the FSA said it “wouldn’t take enforcement against slaughterhouses that had a plan in place”.


“Perhaps they’re not fully compliant at this very minute, but [if] they’re showing a plan to install CCTV and become compliant in the future, therefore, there would be no enforcement action needed to be taken right now,” an FSA spokesperson said...


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