Land O’Lakes CEO says consumers are driving innovation


By Amie Simpson, Brownfield

December 5, 2018


The president and CEO of Land O’Lakes says their innovation in dairy products is driven largely by consumer insight.


Beth Ford says squeezable butter is the global food and agribusiness company’s latest example.


Some people want to have something that they don’t have to touch for butter- they want something that is more of a package versus cutting up a butter stick,” She says. “With that innovation, we went to a squeezable butter.”


She tells Brownfield the sector must continue to be more innovative because consumers have so many choices including non-dairy milk alternatives.


“What I hope people remind themselves is to really understand what the ingredients are and what the health and nutrition platforms are for each of the products,” she says. “We need to be clear with consumers to make sure we’re labeling things appropriately so they understand the difference between something being called milk versus what is really traditional milk.”




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