Three arrested in connection with police killing during 'cow vigilante' clashes in India


By Swati Gupta, CNN

December 4, 2018


(CNN)Indian authorities have arrested three people in connection with the fatal shooting of a police officer and a local man involved in clashes over the alleged killing of cows Monday.


The shootings are the latest in a wave of mob violence branded as "cow vigilantism" that critics say is growing on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's watch.


Clashes between villagers and police broke out in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh after cow carcasses were allegedly discovered in a village near the city of Bulandshahr, about 46 miles from the capital, New Delhi.


India's majority Hindu population consider cows to be sacred animals and most states, including Uttar Pradesh, have banned their slaughter.


Hundreds of protesters gathered on a highway and began pelting officers with stones, demanding police take action over the alleged cattle deaths, Inspector Rajeev Kumar Gupta, of Meerut police, told CNN.


"The police had to resort to firing their guns in the air," said Gupta.


In the ensuing violence, a police officer, Subodh Kumar Singh, and a local man were shot and killed. Singh was shot in the head, according to the autopsy report.


Police said they have arrested three people and are looking for another 24 thought to be involved in the violent clashes. A special investigation team has also been formed to find out who started the violence.


The Uttar Pradesh government said it would compensate the family of the slain officer with 5 million rupees (around $71,000) as well as a government job and pension...