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·         Take a look inside Cargill’s new downtown Wichita headquarters

·         Sneak peak inside Cargill's new building

·         New Cargill R&D facility opens in Great Falls, Montana



Take a look inside Cargill’s new downtown Wichita headquarters


By Jerry Siebenmark, The Wichita Eagle (KS)

December 04, 2018


Cargill Protein unveiled downtown Wichita’s biggest office project in years — its new $60 million headquarters.


It’s also likely the most innovative office space downtown has seen in decades.


Cargill Protein leader Tom Windish led reporters on tour Tuesday of the four-story, 188,000-square-foot building at 825 E. Douglas, site of The Wichita Eagle’s former building. On Thursday, the Minneapolis-based company will host a formal grand opening and ribbon cutting of the building that houses more than 800 workers.


It replaces Cargill Protein’s long-time 10-story headquarters at 151 N. Main, which the company had outgrown at 110,000 square feet.


Cargill Protein handles Cargill Inc.’s meat, poultry and food service and distribution businesses. Its brands include Excel, Sterling Silver and Angus Pride meats as well as Honeysuckle turkey.


The new headquarters will accommodate up to 950 workers and provide covered parking for 800 in a garage near the building’s south end.


What Windish wanted to emphasize is that this was a building designed for — and with the input of — its workers, including those from the millennial and succeeding generations.


It’s about “attracting and retaining the best talent,” he said, adding that it’s also symbolic of the company’s commitment to “be a part of the growing, vibrant downtown community.”


The building fronts Rock Island street to the west. Its inside is cavernous with lots of windows and local photography and art, including a first-floor center wall that features nearly 700 plates “hand-crafted and fired locally,” Windish said.


“It’s . . . meant to inspire what we do every day, which is nourish the world,” he said...


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Sneak peak inside Cargill's new building


By Scott Evans, KWCH 

Dec 04, 2018


WICHITA, Kan. The new Cargill building in downtown Wichita is done. While the official grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony is Thursday, we got a sneak peak inside the building two days early.


One of the first things you'll notice when you walk into this new building, is just how open it is, and that's done on purpose, an opportunity for employees to collaborate.


The 188-thousand square foot four story building took about 14 months to complete.


Cargill tore down the old Wichita Eagle building on Douglas and transformed it into a modern office building, home to Cargill's North American protein business.


It's complete with conference rooms allowing employees to collaborate with other employees or customers anywhere in the world.


Windows are everywhere, giving employees light and views, while giving the public a look inside.


From the open meeting areas, to the cafe, Tom Windish, President of Cargill's Retail Channel, said employees had input throughout the entire design process...


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New Cargill R&D facility opens in Great Falls, Montana

Research to focus on developing omega-3 fatty acids from canola plants to reduce reliance on fishmeal.



Dec 05, 2018


Cargill, Inc., has chosen Great Falls, Mont. for a new facility conducting groundbreaking research developing omega-3 fatty acids from canola plants to reduce reliance on fishmeal, increase the viability of farm-raised fish and reduce pressure on oceans.


Cargill plans to use 500,000 acres of farmland throughout the Great Falls region to grow canola crops and extract omega-3 fatty acids from them through an intricate breeding process. The project is currently under review by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for regulatory approvals.


“The omega-3 enriched canola is managed in a similar manner to conventional canola. The farmer will grow the crop and harvest in the same manner as a standard canola crop. The main difference with the omega-3 canola is that a plant-based algal gene has been added to the plant that increases the amount of omega-3 produced by the canola plants,” said Keith Horton, senior trial agronomist, Cargill.


Cargill’s work on the omega-3-generating canola started as a joint effort with Germany-based BASF Plant Science in 2011. The goal is to produce enough omega-3 by 2020 from canola plants to heighten sustainability of farmed fish production and reduce pressure on fish populations. Omega-3 is typically extracted from fish oil for nutritional purposes in daily products including dietary supplements, food, beverages and pharmaceuticals.


Cargill says the unique climate of the Great Falls area with its warmer winters, cooler summers, lighter winds and evenly distributed rainfall, paired with the Great Falls region's rich soil, has made the location an ideal breeding ground for its pioneering research.


“We’re thrilled one of the world’s largest privately held companies has chosen Great Falls, Mont. for their innovative research facility,” says Brett Doney, president and chief executive officer of the Great Falls Montana Development Authority (GFDA)...


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