MARD takes steps to prevent entry of African Swine Flu


Viet Nam News

December, 03/2018


HCM CITY – The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is working with authorities to prevent the infiltration of the fast-spreading African Swine Flu into Việt Nam. 


African Swine Flu (ASF) is a contagious disease which affects pigs. Although not dangerous towards humans, the near 100 per cent mortality rate, ease of spread and the virus’s resilience makes the diseases very deadly.  


The disease, which has no cure, has affected 19 countries. In China, from August to November, more than 70 cases of infection were detected.


Nguyễn Văn Long, head of the epidemiology department of the Department of Animal Health, said that Việt Nam faced a high risk because of the transporting and smuggling of pork products of unclear origin from regions affected by ASF (especially in the northern border regions).


In November, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued an emergency action plan to deal with the rising threat of ASF entering Việt Nam, especially as the disease in China began moving southward. 


Inspection teams were formed in provinces that are along the border, have a high concentration of pigs, or have a high number of visiting tourists.


Closer monitoring is being employed to combat smuggling, selling and gifting of pork and pigs of unclear origin, while processed pork products bought from countries with ASF are being examined thoroughly.  


Imports of pork from countries with ASF have been suspended, while farms, markets and slaughterhouses are expected to be frequently sterilised.


In addition, farms have to...