EU pig prices: Markets remain balanced


The Pig Site

04 December 2018


The pigs-mature-for-slaughter market could not be shaken last week with quotations remaining unchanged


Throughout Europe, extensive quantities of pigs for slaughter are on offer. Demand is also relatively high. Therefore, the conditions are rather well balanced. Only the British quotation decreased slightly.


As is being reported from a number of regions, a shortage in supply would be needed in order to achieve higher pigs-for-slaughter prices. Positive trends are made much more difficult to achieve in the European environment because of the German leading quotation failing to set any kind of positive signal.


As a result of consumption habits, the demand for pork has increased considerably in the European member countries’ meat markets. Demand in Germany is stronger this week, which may continue to grow up to Christmas. From experience, it may be that demand for high-quality parts will increase around Christmas. The same is expected in Austria.


As tastes differ between countries and regions, pork is not necessarily on the Christmas menu for everyone. In France, people prefer other meat or fish on their plates. At the same time, the French currently have to cope with logistical problems caused by the Gilets Jaunes protest campaigns.


The Spanish will be celebrating their Constitution on 6 December. As predicted by other market participants, slaughter activities will most probably be reduced slightly.


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