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·         China on track for record Australian beef import year

·         Chinese consumers have potential to drive Australian beef exports



China on track for record Australian beef import year


by Jon Condon, Beef Central (Australia) 

04 December 2018


CHINA remains on track to set a calendar year volume record for Australian beef imports this year, following the release of November export data yesterday.


DAWR data shows that China accounted for 14,625 tonnes of Australia chilled and frozen beef last month, taking its year-to-date import figure to just short of 147,000t.


The previous full year record, set back in 2013 when Australia more or less had the imported trade into China to itself, was 154,833t.


Despite strong competition out of South America this year on price and volume, Australian exports to China in November were up 24 percent year-on-year, but down a little on near-record October shipments of 15,900t.


Also evident in November was the trend towards a greater proportion of chilled exports, more than doubling year-on-year to 12pc of the total trade last month.


For the first 11 months of this year, Australia’s beef trade into China has risen by almost 49,000t, or 50pc, on the same period last year.


Government clamp-downs on the grey channel trade, together with gradually expanding demand for beef as more Chinese enjoy greater disposable income to spend on commodities like meat protein, are behind this year’s surge in trade.


Commentators have also raised the emergence and spread of African Swine Fever cases across the country, potentially leading some customers to cover protein shortfalls with imported beef, pork and poultry as an emerging factor. Click here to see an earlier report on the growing impact of ASF in China.


With one month of trade remaining, China could still surpass Korea as Australia’s third largest volume market in 2018, as importers build stocks for the traditional Chinese New Year festivities starting on February 5.


Total exports higher year-on-year ...


Other markets mixed ...





Chinese consumers have potential to drive Australian beef exports


Peter Somerville, The Weekly Times (Australia) 

December 4, 2018


CHINESE consumers looking for alternative protein sources have the potential to drive Australian beef exports.


Analysts have made the prediction with more than 60 cases of African swine fever now identified in China’s main pork-producing provinces and further cases in Europe.


Rabobank’s senior animal proteins analyst Angus Gidley-Baird said most cases in China were on small farms, however several were from larger scale farms.


“Given the sheer size of production and the fragmented structure, it will be a great challenge for China to control the disease spreading in the coming year,” Mr Gidley-Baird said


He said while a decline in China’s pork production was clear, consumption was also expected to drop, giving rise to increases in the consumption and import of other animal proteins. “Although beef is not a major substitute for pork, the pork supply shortage in China will likely also push up beef consumption.”


Australian Pork Limited chief executive Andrew Spencer said the group had been communicating to its members the importance of taking steps to keep the disease out of Australia.


He said China did not import pork from Australia, but work was under way to open up the market. “It’s a government to government negotiation,” Mr Spencer said.


“There is progress happening … but it takes a long time.”


Mr Spencer said China “in all likelihood” would have a higher need for pork imports, which “of course will be a bit of a trade boon for pork around the world”.


China is the largest consumer of pork in the world...