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·         Alberta check-off on beef will not be changing

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Alberta check-off on beef will not be changing

Producers vote against making check-off fully non-refundable


Jordie Dwyer, Ponoka News (AB, Canada)

Dec. 3, 2018


In a much closer vote than was expected, members of the of the Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) and the Alberta Cattle Feeders Association (ACFA) voted down a change in the current provincial beef check-off.


The vote — which was held between Oct. 19 and Nov. 27 — proposed moving the away from the present system, which sees around $2.2 million refunded back to eligible producers annually, and over to a fully non-refundable check-0ff that would include a new industry development and research fund.


However, despite support from both the executives of ABP and ACFA, the move was defeated by a count of 51 to 49 per cent — or 962 to 908 votes.


ABP board chair Charlie Christie was disappointed by both the result and with the low voter turn out.


“We would have liked to see more producers vote, but we appreciate the interest and effort of those who did,” he stated in a press release Dec. 3...





Unofficial ABP plebiscite results - continue refundable service charge


By Dori Modney, Lethbridge News Now (AB, Canada) 

December 3, 2018


CALGARY --  The Alberta Agricultural Products Marketing Council (Marketing Council) has releaed unnofficial results of the Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) service charge plebiscite.


ABP Chair Charlie Christie admits he was hoping to see more producers vote in the plebiscite but, appreciates the effort of those who did vote, and hopes all beef producers will concur with the vote's outcome.


"In a democracy, decisions are made by the people who participate and as we’ve said all along, Alberta Beef Producers will honour the decision made by producers and the service charge will remain refundable."


There were 1874 votes cast by producers between October 19 and November 27, 2018 with 962 votes (51.3%) in favour of a refundable service charge model and 908 votes (48.5%) in favour of a non-refundable service charge model. Four ballots (0.2%) were spoiled.


ABP has received many resolutions from producers at fall meetings over the years, supporting a non-refundable service charge. The requests lead ABP and the Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association (ACFA) to support a non-refundable service charge and they requested a plebiscite on the issue. 


The results mean producers will continue to pay service charges, but retain the ability to request a refund following the process outlined in the ABP regulations.


ACFA Chair, Ryan Kasko,  respects the decision of producers that voted...


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