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·         Manitoba Pork Applauds Signing of USMCA

·         Canadian pork producers encouraged by signing of updated trade agreement

·         NAFTA Replacement USMCA Signed at G20



Manitoba Pork Applauds Signing of USMCA


Andrew Dickson - Manitoba Pork

Farmscape for December 3, 2018


Manitoba Pork is applauding the signing of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.


On Friday, while meeting in Buenos Aires for the G20, Canada, the United States and Mexico signed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, the revised North American free trade agreement.


Andrew Dickson, the General Manager of Manitoba Pork, says from a pork perspective, the border will remain open under the agreement.


Clip-Andrew Dickson-Manitoba Pork:


Of course the issue between Mexico and the United States on tariffs on pork have to be resolved but the key thing here is this is a long term agreement, there is a dispute settlement mechanism built into the agreement and that'll help in any further issues that we have as the years move along.


I think the key to remember on this thing is that the United States is a huge market for us, Mexico is big market for us as well and Mexico is a big market for the United States for pork.


By having this free flow of goods, it also brings certainty into the whole business because these are stable markets so businesses can continue to develop and grow.


Then it gives them a platform by which we can start expanding into things like the Trans-Pacific Partnership that was just recently signed.


We're very pleased with these agreements that the federal government has been able to achieve over the past four or five years.


This is Europe, now North America and the Trans-Pacific agreement.


They all play a key part.


And the federal government has indicated that they're in the process now of trying to look at expanding their efforts in the Asian area so hopefully we can come to some sort of arrangement with China and Indonesia and other countries.





Canadian pork producers encouraged by signing of updated trade agreement


Canadian Pork Council

via The Pig Site - 03 December 2018


Canadian pork producers welcomed the signing of the Canada-United States-Mexico-Agreement (CUSMA) in Buenos Aires prior to the G-20 summit


Moving ahead with this agreement will allow Canadian policymakers to focus on initiatives that further diversifying the country’s economy and help reach the agriculture exports goal of $75 billion outlined in the Barton report.


Given the high level of integration of the North American pork market, Canadian producers see great value in the update of the North American Free Trade Agreement.


"We are taking the signature of this updated agreement as a positive sign that we are moving towards completion of this accord and an increased stability in the global marketplace," said Rick Bergmann, Canadian Pork Council (CPC) Chair and pork producer from Manitoba.


"CPC is looking forward to renewed efforts being put into projects that had been delayed because of ongoing trade negotiations."


Canadian pork producers have been patiently waiting for the government to move on a pork Promotion and Research Agency since 2016...





NAFTA Replacement USMCA Signed at G20


By Eric Pfeiffer, Hoosier Ag Today

Dec 2, 2018


After an announcement on Thursday that an agreement in principle has been reached on the 2018 farm bill, another political sticking point for farmers took a step forward on Friday. President Donald Trump, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signed the new United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA) at the G20 Summit in Argentina.


“In the United States the new trade pact will support high-paying manufacturing jobs and promote greater access for American exports across the range of sectors including our farming, manufacturing, and service industries,” Trump said. “As part of our agreement the United States will be able to lock in our market access to Canada and Mexico and greatly expand our agricultural exports, something we’ve been wanting to do for many years.”


Trump added...