US Beef Now Eligible for Morocco


The Cattle Site

03 December 2018


MOROCCO - US beef and beef products are now eligible for export to Morocco.


Documentation requirements and other details are posted in the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service Export Library for Morocco. Exporters with questions may email Travis Arp or call 303-623-6328.


The United States has a free trade agreement with Morocco and can therefore export beef at zero duty, within tariff rate quotas.


The duty-free quota volume for USDA Choice or Prime beef cuts is 6,404 metric tons (mt) for this year and 6,660 mt in 2019.


The quota volume for other beef cuts and variety meat is 2,343 mt this year and 2,390 mt in 2019.


All duties on US beef will be phased to zero by 2023, but Morocco’s out-of-quota duties are currently extremely high at 275 per cent. Therefore, US beef...