ADM recalls cattle feed


Natasya Ong, The Columbus Telegram (NE)

Nov 30, 2018


ADM Animal Nutrition has recalled select cattle feed products manufactured at its Columbus facility.


ADM Animal Nutrition is a leading manufacturing, nutrition and marketing business offering a wide range of leading-edge products for the animal nutrition market, according to its official website. Jackie Anderson, spokeswoman for ADM Animal Nutrition, acknowledged the recall but did not go into detail about the type of cattle feed in question.


“ADM Animal Nutrition is recalling select cattle feed products manufactured from its Columbus, Nebraska, plant due to formulation issues caused by a system malfunction. We take incidents like this very seriously,” she said, in a provided statement to The Columbus Telegram. “We have an excellent, long-time track record for safety, and we maintain very rigorous standards and process for all our ingredients.”


Anderson said ADM officials reached out to customers directly impacted by the issue to recall all of the company’s affected feed as a precaution…





ADM: ‘We’re very confident that our pea protein will have some competitive advantages’


By Elaine Watson, Food Navigator USA



ADM – which is best known in the protein arena for its soy-based ingredients and edible beans - is moving into the fast-growing pea protein space early next year with an 80%+ concentrate, and is developing “legume ingredients with at least 80% protein as well.”


Speaking to FoodNavigator-USA as Roquette gears up to open a new pea protein facility in Canada​​, Dina Fernandez, plant protein ingredients specialist at ADM, said ADM is building a new pea protein processing plant at its edible bean and oilseed processing complex in Enderlin, North Dakota, which will process peas from North Dakota and Canada.


“Our bean ingredients are very popular but at the moment they are flours of 22% protein. We also have ancient grains and seed flours and nuts and butters that have some protein content, but at the moment, we don’t have these as concentrates or isolates.  ​


"But coming soon in the first quarter of 2019 we’re going to have a pea protein with at least 80% and we’re working on several other legume products to create ingredients of at least 80% proteins as well.”​


Asked what would be distinctive about ADM’s pea proteins, she added: “We’re very confident that our pea protein will have some competitive advantages on flavor over other pea proteins on the market today because our processing is different from the processing technologies used so far. Many of the other companies in this space are starch processing companies, but at ADM we focus on the protein, and the starch and fiber and secondary products, although also important.”​


ADM is not providing details of how its processes differ, how much has been invested in the plant, or how large it is vs rivals’ facilities, but added: “We apply an integrated flavor optimization system that starts with the selection of the raw materials and the use of the right processing conditions, and we have a constant sensory evaluation and quality group giving us feedback to make improvements.​


“We work very closely with flavor experts at Wild Flavors ​[owned by ADM] to understand all the chemical compounds in our plant based proteins to better understand if the off notes come from the processing, or the raw material, or if it’s just something that we can’t change due to the nature of the protein.”​


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