Canadian Pork Excellence Offers Trustworthy Customer Assurance


John Ross - Canadian Pork Council

Farmscape for November 29, 2018


The Executive Director of the Canadian Pork Council says the new Canadian Pork Excellence program provides a framework that consumers can trust.


The rollout of the PigSAFE and PigCARE components of Canadian Pork Excellence, the Canadian Pork Sector's revised on farm food safety and animal care assurance program, is scheduled to begin in January with the first on farm evaluations expected to start in April.


John Ross, the Executive Director of the Canadian Pork Council, says maintaining the public's trust is extremely important and Canadian Pork Excellence provides the elements necessary to do that.


Clip-John Ross-Canadian Pork Council:


If the Canadian public gives up on your product it's extraordinarily difficult to sell anything to them to start with and secondly often their reaction is that, if I cant trust this product, it needs to be further regulated and we have more than enough regulation in our business today.


We don't need more of it and we need to maintain that public trust, I think, to help us stay away from additional regulation.


The programs themselves, if you're gong to bring this forward to Canadians, must be credible.


We see so much fake in our world these days that we can easily spot a fake and if your program is not technically sound, it is well delivered, producers understand why we're doing it, what we're doing with it, how it matters, those things all help the credibility of the discussion along but if you don't have that really sound platform to sit on, to stand on you'll soon find that you have nothing.


Consumers recognize that quickly and they will move on.