Mexico reports two outbreaks of highly pathogenic H7N3 bird flu: OIE


Reporting by Sybille de La Hamaide, editing by Gus Trompiz, Reuters

March 12, 2018


PARIS (Reuters) - Mexico reported two outbreaks of highly pathogenic H7N3 bird flu virus in the central part of the country, of which one at chicken farm, the World Organisation for Animal Health said on Monday, citing a Mexican agriculture ministry report.


The virus killed 1,380 birds at a rural farm with 1,900 approximately-80-weeks-old Rhode Island Red chickens and white chickens in the state of Guanajuato, the ministry said in the report posted on the website of the Paris-based OIE. The remaining birds were culled...





Tests turn up low-path H7N1 avian flu at Texas farm


Lisa Schnirring | News Editor | CIDRAP News

Mar 12, 2018


Tests turn up low-path H7N1 avian flu at Texas farm, the second such outbreak involving the strain to be reported in the United States in a week.


In developments outside the United States, Mexico reported two highly pathogenic H7N3 outbreaks in poultry, and other countries reported outbreaks involving other strains.

Texas virus detected during screening


The outbreak in Texas was detected during preslaughter testing in a broiler breeder flock in Hopkins County, located in the northeastern corner of the state, according to a Mar 9 notification from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). Hopkins County is about 350 miles south of Missouri's Jasper County, where low-pathogenic H7N1 was reported last week at a commercial turkey farm, also following routine preslaughter tests.


The Texas flock had exhibited a slight increase in mortality and a drop in egg production, and depopulation of the 24,091 birds at the farm has begun. A comprehensive investigation is under way by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and the Texas Animal Health Commission.


Partial sequencing of the virus hemagglutinin suggests that the H7 is of the low pathogenic North American wild bird lineage. Further characterization is pending virus recovery, according to the report.


Missouri's outbreakóreported last weekówas the first detection of low-pathogenic H7 in the United States this year. In the early spring of 2017, low-pathogenic H7N9 outbreak were reported in poultry in four southern states: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. That strain isn't related to the H7N9 subtype that has infected poultry and people in China.


High-path outbreaks in Mexico, Iraq, Ireland ...


More low-path outbreaks in French ducks ...