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·         SNAP snag in House Ag farm bill

·         Peterson: House Ag Plans Farm Bill Mark up Soon



SNAP snag in House Ag farm bill


By Julie Harker, Brownfield

March 12, 2018


Chairman Mike Conaway of the House Agriculture Committee has run into resistance from Democratic members of the panel who say they will block proposed requirements for the SNAP nutrition program, in a draft of the 2018 Farm Bill. The proposal would shift more able-bodied food stamp recipients into the workforce.


According to Agri-Pulse, ranking member Collin Peterson of Minnesota says he and fellow Democrats will not support the bill as currently written.


Meanwhile, Chairman Conaway gave a statement to Agri-Pulse Friday saying “some in the Democratic leadership” are trying to “score points in the fall” during November elections. A spokeswoman for the committee says negotiations ARE continuing...





Peterson: House Ag Plans Farm Bill Mark up Soon



via KTIC (NE) - March 13, 2018


Ranking House Agriculture Committee Democrat Collin Peterson says the committee plans to mark up the farm bill on March 20th, but a revolt over food stamp provisions could stop the bill from moving forward.


The Hagstrom Report says Peterson and Committee Chairman Mike Conaway had “hit an impasse” regarding the nutrition title, and a spokesperson for Conaway could not confirm the March 20th mark up date. Conaway’s office does say that moving the bill forward by the end of the first quarter of 2018 “remains the goal,” adding that the Chairman’s staff is “working closely” with those across the aisle to “try and get there.” Peterson said the Republican proposal regarding nutrition is similar to what killed the current farm bill the first time it came to the House floor in 2013.


Meanwhile, Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts says...