Insect protein supplementation may not deliver muscle gains, says study


By Will Chu, Source: Nutrients ​

via Nutra Ingredients - 12-Mar-2018


Supplementation using insect-derived protein appears to offer no muscle mass or strength advantages over carbohydrate supplementation, according to a pioneering Danish study.


Using protein isolate extracted from the lesser mealworm (Alphitobius diaperinus​), young healthy men enrolled in the first-of-its-kind trial did not see any physical improvements to eight weeks of resistance training.


“With a growing world population and increased need for dietary protein, insect protein should be considered a valuable alternative to other dietary animal protein sources given its environmental profile,”​ said the researchers, led by Aarhus University’s Mathias Vangsoe.


“We found that eight weeks of resistance training effectively promote gains in fat- and bone- free mass (FBFM) and muscle strength in healthy young men with a habitual intake of protein corresponding to the general population of young Danish men. ​


“However, no difference in morphological adaptations such as hypertrophy or muscle strength was observed between supplementation groups, as hypothesised.”​


Lesser mealworm = lesser protein quality?​ ...


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